Greetings from the inventors' nook!

If you are an inventor, curious or want to know what is being done in the field of robotics and electronics, then you have come to the right place.

Digipurk offers services related to robotics, automation and the Internet of Things, organizes courses and workshops on robotics and programming for both children and adults, and offers various tools and devices for building inventions in e-shop.

Building an animation device workshop at Tartuff festival

This year's love film festival Tartuff is dedicated to science, and in this workshop we will go back in time to the pre-film animation world and build a device with moving pictures.
There is introduced the history of animation and the basics of creating animation, learned how to build a device prototype and written a simple program to control the device.

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Quick programming course for beginners in autumn 2021

Do you want to get a quick basic knowledge of programming?
The training teaches programming independently in Java or Python and creates an understanding of the software development process and tools.

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Digipurk Activities


Hardware design and programming
Smart home solutions
Industrial automation
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Internet of Things
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Robotics and Programming Hobby Club

Creating and building robots
Programming: Blocks, Python, C / C ++, Java, Dart / Flutter and other languages
For children and adults

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