Greetings from the inventors' nook!

If you are an inventor, curious or want to know what is being done in the field of robotics and electronics, then you have come to the right place.

Digipurk offers services related to robotics, automation and the Internet of Things, organizes courses and workshops on robotics and programming for both children and adults, and offers various tools and devices for building inventions in e-shop.

Robotics summer camp 2024

In the summer, we have fun and busy day camps for those interested in robotics.

In the camp, it becomes clear how electronics, mechanics and automation are connected, i.e. what this robot actually is and how to make it.

We build and solder small smart devices, program robots and organize competitions, make animations of robots, create and print 3D models.
We play board games and carry out activities outside in the fresh air.

Bring a friend, come and let's spend a cool week of robotics together.

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Inventors' nest robotics class 07/08/24 in Hiiumaa

In the robotics class of the Inventors' Nest in Kärdla, we build a ready-made metal detector that can be used to search for small metal objects.

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Inventors' nest robotics lesson 07/09/24 in Hiiumaa

In the Inventors' Nest robotics class in Kärdla, we will build a ready-made automatic watering device that monitors the soil moisture and pumps water into the flower pot if necessary.

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Smart birthdays

Smart birthdays are a different kind of birthday 🥳 🎉

We build various devices, craft nice items, create interesting 3D models and program cool animations and games.

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We have completed a nice and cozy classroom. Various trainings and workshops will soon take place there.

So that our space can also bring joy to others, we rent it out for use. Trainings, meetings and other business meetings can be held there. There is room for 12 behind the table and the tables can be arranged exactly as desired. There is enough light, but there is also an opportunity to create a more cozy atmosphere. We offer coffee and tea to accompany the conversations, and in the meantime you can stretch your legs in a small rest area.

We are located at Tabasalu Metsa 4. If you are interested, contact, +372 501 0478.

Digipurk Activities


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Robotics and Programming Hobby Club

Creating and building robots
Programming: Blocks, Python, C / C ++, Java, Dart / Flutter and other languages
For children and adults

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