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If you are an inventor, curious or want to know what is being done in the field of robotics and electronics, then you have come to the right place.

Digipurk offers services related to robotics, automation and the Internet of Things, organizes courses and workshops on robotics and programming for both children and adults, and offers various tools and devices for building inventions in e-shop.

We are looking for a nice instructor for the robotics and programming circle in Arukülla

Artillery 3D printers

Artillery 3D printers are now for sale in our store. Three models are available: Sidewinder-X2, Genius Pro and Hornet.

Shenzhen Yuntuchuanzhi Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd is a former well-known supplier of 3D printer accessories in China and has supplied parts to major 3D printer manufacturers in China for many years. The company has years of experience and has cooperated with skilled domestic and foreign engineers. As the owner of the Artillery brand, Yuntuchuangzhi is committed to the development of intelligent and high-efficiency FDM 3D printers.

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Digipurk Activities


Hardware design and programming
Smart home solutions
Industrial automation
Agile product development

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Development boards
Robotics, electronic components
Internet of Things
Educational robots

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For inventors

Robotics and Programming Hobby Club

Creating and building robots
Programming: Blocks, Python, C / C ++, Java, Dart / Flutter and other languages
For children and adults

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