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Inventors' nest robotics class 07/08/24 in Hiiumaa

It is a great pleasure to conduct the next Inventors' nest robotics class in such a nice place as Hiiumaa.

In class we will build a ready-made metal detector. It can be used to search for small metal objects and the device gives a sound signal when the object is found. To build it, we connect wires and components and solder them together.

The more nimble ones will also have time to familiarize themselves with various robots and robotics kits.

You can take the finished device home and go on a treasure hunt.
Suitable for children from 9 years old or younger who dare to hold a soldering iron or come with a parent.

Time: 08.07.2024 11.00-13.00
Location: Sõnajala 11G, Kärdla, Hiiumaa

The participation fee for the workshop is €20.
You can pay on site in cash, by card or in advance through the online store -

Workshop places are full!