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Inventors' nest robotics class 12.03.23

The theme of the Inventors Nest robotics lesson is a card with an LED lamp. In addition to joint activities, there will be time to familiarize yourself with robots and robotics kits. The class is suitable for children from 5 years old.
Places are allocated to 10 participants in one class.

Time: 12.03.2023 12.30-14.00
Location: Metsa 4 Tabasalu

The price for a child is €15
You can pay on site in cash or by card or in advance through the online store:


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Artillery 3D printers

Artillery 3D printers are now for sale in our store. Three models are available: Sidewinder-X2, Genius Pro and Hornet.

Shenzhen Yuntuchuanzhi Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd is a former well-known supplier of 3D printer accessories in China and has supplied parts to major 3D printer manufacturers in China for many years. The company has years of experience and has cooperated with skilled domestic and foreign engineers. As the owner of the Artillery brand, Yuntuchuangzhi is committed to the development of intelligent and high-efficiency FDM 3D printers.

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Product prototyping, development and design course 9.-12. classes for students

A new exciting course is starting for young people in upper secondary school who are really interested in electronics, modeling and programming and want to develop their skills. The start date of the course is being specified! 

The course takes place in cooperation with Tabasalu Gymnasium, and passing the course allows you to get a credit in the upper secondary school elective system. 
The knowledge gained in the course and the practical work done can be used for school research. 
The best participants of the course will receive the recommendations of the instructors for choosing a future specialty and continuing their studies in the field of information technology. 
Before the start of the course, there will be a free-form discussion with the candidates. 

Product development is a process with an idea at one end and the launch of a new product or service at the other. The course covers all these stages from idea to product prototyping. Participation in the course does not require prior knowledge of product development or the existence of one's own product idea. It all comes from the instructors and the necessary components are selected for the course. 

A prototype digital alarm clock will be completed during the course. 
Stages of the course:
* Introduction to product development and process introduction. 
* Introduction to the different stages of the alarm clock and the necessary materials. 
* 3D modeling and alarm case design using Blender environment. 
* Production and printing of alarm clock details with a 3D printer. 
* Wiring diagram and PCB design using KiCad environment. 
* PCB preparation. 
* Introduction to soldering, testing with different components and soldering alarm clock components to the circuit board. 
* Microcontroller programming in C ++ (Visual Studio Code + PlatformIO) and / or MicroPython (PyCharm Community Edition). 
* Alarm clock prototype assembly and testing. 

The lessons of the course will take place at Tabasalu Gymnasium on Mondays from 18:00 to 19:30 from September 2021 to May 2022. 

The monthly fee for the course is 38 euros. 
The course is supported by the state hobby activity measure and the Harku municipality hobby school. 

Registration is done through the website of the Hobby and Youth Work Foundation:

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Building an animation device workshop at Tartuff festival

The workshop is suitable for all film lovers and robotics enthusiasts from school children.

04.08.2021 14:00 – 15:30
04.08.2021 14:00 – 15:30

Tartu Creative Economy Center
Kalevi 17, Tartu
Number of participants: 15 (in one workshop)

This year's love film festival Tartuff is dedicated to science, and in this workshop we will go back in time to the pre-film animation world and build a device with moving pictures.
There is introduced the history of animation and the basics of creating animation, learned how to build a device prototype and written a simple program to control the device.

In the workshop, we go back to the pre-film animation world and build a device of animation with moving pictures. The zoetrope is one of many pre-film animation devices that creates the illusion of movement. This illusion arises from moving the drawn frames in the image drum. In the workshop, everyone can draw pictures based on their imaginary and make them move in a drum using the motor and Arduino Uno microcontroller.

If possible, take your computer with you to write program code. There are also some computers in workshop.

The workshop will be a joint project of Digipurk and Robotex and will be conducted by Ringa Rooteman and Ülari Ainjärv. Ringa has been a software developer for over 20 years and has organized trainings for over 5 years. She has a robotics and programming hobby club at school and kindergarten, and teaches robotics and programming at school. Ülari has been a software developer for over 20 years and has concucted trainings for over 10 years. Ülari organizes various courses and workshops on robotics and programming for both children and adults.

The fee for participating in the workshop is 5 euros (can be paid immediately in cash or by card payment).
You can take the animation device with you (it's not include electronic components).
If desired, a set of electronic components can be purchased for 45 euros (includes Arduino Uno microcontroller, breadboard, servo motor, potentiometer, breadboard wires, USB cable).

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Quick programming course for beginners in autumn 2021

Do you want to get a quick basic knowledge of programming? 🤓

Quick programming course for beginners (Java/Python) (82 ac h).

The training teaches programming independently in Java or Python and creates an understanding of the software development process and tools.

The course is intended primarily for those who don’t have previous or have low exposure to programming but would like to start more seriously with it. Everyone else who would like to take a look at the secret world of programmers and thereby understand the nuances of software creation is also welcome. Such as product managers, key users, testers. The course does not require prior knowledge of software development.

In the case of this course, a training grant can be applied for the employer. The state supports companies to develop the knowledge and skills of employees with up to 2,500 euros per employee! 😊

Read more 👇…/programmeerimine-algajatele-java…/

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Arduino day 27.03.2021

During this year's World Arduino Day, we will show you how to make a device that will help you follow the 2 + 2 rule. 

The workshop is free for everyone and takes place over the web. To participate, send a letter to We will send a transfer link to all registrants before the event.

The workshop will take place on March 27, 2021 at 13:00-14:30.

If you also want to build a device for yourself, you can order a set assembled for that day from our e-shop (number of sets is limited).

We will also add information about the workshop to Facebook.

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The book “Inspired” got Sille :)

Some time ago, we shouted that we were drawing a book between buyers, and now the lottery wheel has spun.
Accompanied by drumming, we congratulate the winner, who is 5 or the inventor Sille 🙂

Dear inventor!

Buy cool gadgets to invent Digipurgi store and you can win the book “INSPIRED - How to create tech products customers love”. This book will inspire you on how to build great products.

We drew a lucky inventor on February 1, 2021.