FM raadio komplekt


76-108 MHz, 1.8 – 3.6 V

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Ehita endale ise FM raadio. Komplektis on olemas kõik vajalikud komponendid. FM raadio ehitamiseks on lisaks vaja jootekolbi, tina, lõiketange ja 2 AA patareid. Neid komplektis ei ole.

FM radio program has a rich, good sound quality, etc.All over launch its own FM radio station. The kit FM scan radio pocket computers using special blocks, 16-pin dual flat package, the working voltage of 1.8-3.6V, the circuit includes a FM radio receiver from antenna to the frequency discriminator output audio signals of all the features, it also has search tuning circuit, the signal detection circuit, a mute circuit and compression frequency offset of the frequency-locked loop FLL circuit. IF frequency of the circuit is designed to 70KHZ, peripheral circuits without intermediate frequency transformer, wherein the frequency is selected by an internal RC circuit IF filter to complete. Aircraft such as digital radio tuner that uses electrical tuning buttons (SEEK +, SEEK-), in addition to the volume control buttons (VOL +, VOL-) and the power button (PW). After the circuit is powered on, press the power button, the circuit starts to work, press SEEK + to search for high-frequency or low-end press SEEK- radio frequency search, automatic search for radio signals, tuning automatically stops, then click on the Search button if The circuit continues to search for radio stations. Frequency range is 76-108MHZ. Both receive Universal FM FM station can be received school campus radio station.


Kaal 14 g
Mõõtmed 8 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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