iC880A LoRaWAN Gateway Backplane



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This is an adapter board to connect an IMST iC880A-SPI LoRaWAN concentrator board to a 40-pin Raspberry Pi (2B / 3B / Zero). It also gives you some ways to enhance and monitor your gateway.

Power supply
Screw terminal for direct power input/output (5V)
Screw terminal with on-board MP1584 step-down regulator (6.7-28V input, fixed 5V output). Great to connect a PoE-Adapter.
Polyfuse and TVS diode to protect against voltage spikes
Protection against accidentally reversed polarity

Sensors for monitoring
Sensirion SHTC3 temperature / humidity sensor made in Switzerland (accuracy: ±2%RH, ±0.2°C)
Microchip MCP3425 16-bit ADC to monitor input voltage

Programmable button connected to GPIO (e.g. to shut down the Pi)
Three programmable LEDs (Red/Yellow/Blue) connected to GPIO header
1 female pin header for serial communication (RX/TX)
2 female pin headers with pull-ups for I²C based sensors (SDA/SCL/GND/3.3V/5V)
Full access to Raspberry Pi GPIO header

MOSFET with flyback diode for connecting and regulating a 5V DC fan

Mounting holes for Raspberry Pi 2B / 3B / Zero (two nylon spacers included)


Kaal 57.9 g
Mõõtmed 12 × 12 × 3 cm


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