iC880A-SPI – LoRaWAN Concentrator 868 MHz


SX1301, -137 dBm, +20 dBm, 5 V, FTDI, SPI, IOs

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The iC880A-SPI is able to receive packets of different end devices send with different spreading factors on up to 8 channels in parallel. Due to the fact that the combination of spreading factors and signal bandwidths results in different data rates the use of “Dynamic Data-Rate Adaption” becomes possible. That means that LoRa® nodes with high distances from the concentrator must use higher spreading factors and therefore have a lower data rate.

LoRa-nodes which are closer to the concentrator can use lower spreading factors and therefore can increase their data rate. This allows to build easy to handle star or multiple star networks without the need of routers or repeaters.

Sensitivity: down to -137 dBm
Semtech® Chip: SX1301
RF Output power (max.): +20 dBm
Operating Voltage: 5V
Dimensions: 79.8 x 67.3 x 14 mm
Interfaces: FTDI or SPI, IOs
Features: 9 parallel LoRa® demodulation paths, 1 (G)FSK demodulator, Orthogonal spreading factors
Operating Temperature: -5°C to +55°C


Kaal 36.9 g
Mõõtmed 12 × 12 × 2 cm


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