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micro:Maqueen Plus – an Advanced STEM Education Robot for micro:bit.

Maqueen is a graphical programming robot for STEM education, which inherits playability and simple operation of micro:bit. The Mini-body, interesting features and plug-and-play allow children to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children’s interest in science and logical thinking.

Onboard charging circuit and battery indicator.
6 line tracking sensors to allow complex routine programs and complicated maze algorithms.
Supports analog readings and sensor calibrations with only one key.
Fully compatible with micro: Maqueen Mechanic and HuskyLens AI vision sensor.
260 RPM high speed metal motor; higher travel speed and well suitable for robot competitions.

2 large-size RGB LEDs, supports 6 colors displaying.
Onboard infrared receiving sensor and buzzer.
Free high-quality ultrasonic sensor, which performs better than SR04 version.
One free line-tracking map for user-friendly experience.

Motor with Encoder and PID Control:
2 encoders to read real-time speed and direction, thus multiple cars running in the same map can be smoother.
PID control for a stronger moment force in low speed.

Power Supply: 3.7 V – 18650 lithium battery
Charging Voltage: 5 V
Charging Current: 900 mA
Charging Time: 4 h
Battery Indicator: 4 LEDs
Drive Motor: N20 motor 260 rpm
9 GPIO Expansion Ports:P0 P1 P2 P8 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16
3 I2C Expansion Ports
3 Servo Expansion Ports
6 Line Tracking Sensors
Line Tracking Sensor Output Data: analog + digital
Line Sensor Calibration: support
Infrared Receiving Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor: URM10
Top Metal Plate

Coding platforms:


Kaal 398.5 g
Mõõtmed 16.5 × 17 × 7.5 cm


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