Optocoupler MOC3041M


DIP, 6 Pins, 400 V, 7.5 KV

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The MOC3041M from Fairchild is a through hole zero cross triac driver output optocoupler in 6 pin DIP package. This device contains a GaAs infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a monolithic silicon detector performing the function of a zero voltage crossing bilateral triac driver.

This device is designed for interfacing logic system to equipment powered from 115VAC lines, teletypewriters, CRTs, solid state relays, industrial controls, printers, motor and solenoid and appliances.

Peak voltage blocking of 400V
Isolation voltage 7.5 KV
LED trigger current of 15mA at 3V terminal voltage
UL 1577 and DIN-EN IEC60747-5-5 approved
Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C


Kaal 0.5 g
Mõõtmed 4 × 4 × 1 cm


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