RGB LED Strip IP65 5V


WS2813, 5 V, 5 m, IP65, Black PCB, 30 LED/m

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Every LED works as an individual pixel, it can achieve effects of Full Color Water Running, Chasing and Scanning or any other full color changing patterns, which thanks to its high brightness.
This LED strip could only be linked up to 10 meters, more than 10 meters is strictly prohibited.
The diameter of the power wires should be based on the actual maximum current, power, and its cabling length (no more than 10 meters), and the voltage of transmission line.

Working Voltage: DC5V
LED resource: WS2813 LED (Signal Break-point Continuous Transmission)
LED Type: SMD5050 RGB
LED Quantity: 30LEDs/Meter
Working Current: 0.06A/Cut ; 1.8A/Meter
Width: 10mm
Length: 5 Meters per Reel 
Max. Power: 9Watt/meter
Viewing Angle: ≥140°C 
Circuit board: Double FPCB
FPCB Color: White/Black 
Lumens: R60/G120/B59LM
Package: Anti-static plastic bag
Weight: 235g(Silicone Glue), 95g(Bare board), 195g(Silicone Tube)
IP Grade: IP20/IP60/IP65/IP68
Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C
Storage temperature: -50°C ~ 80°C
Lifespan: 50000 Hours
Terminal connectors: 4PIN Connector


Kaal 196.5 g
Mõõtmed 18.5 × 20.5 × 2.5 cm


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