RGB LED diode 5 mm (3/4)


30 mA, R 1.9 V, G 3.2 V, B 3.3 V

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5mm full-colour RGB LED Lamp with white diffused lens. The hyper red source device is made with AlGaInP on GaAs substrate. The blue source device is made with InGaN. The green source device is made with InGaN on sapphire.

Uniform Light Output
Low Power Consumption
Long Life, Solid State Reliability

LED Colour: Red, Green, Blue
LED Mounting: Through Hole
Bulb Size: T-1 3/4 (5mm)
Viewing Angle: 60°
Lens Shape: Dome
Forward Current / Colour: R 30mA, G 30mA, B 30mA
Luminous Intensity / Colour: R 1cd, G 1.7cd, B 500mcd
Forward Voltage / Colour: R 1.9V, G 3.2V, B 3.3V
Wavelength / Colour: R 640nm, G 520nm, B 461nm
Product Range: Hyper Red/ Blue/ Green


Kaal 0.4 g
Mõõtmed 4 × 2 × 1 cm

Common Cathode, Common Anode


Mat, Clear


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