Solder Paste No-Clean


15 g, Sn63/Pb37, ROL0

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Chip Quik® solder paste is good past its quoted shelf life, regardless of refrigeration. Before use, visually inspect the solder paste to ensure it is not dried out or clumpy, or check stencil release. If stored in a jar, stir the product thoroughly for 2-3 minutes before inspection and use.
Revolutionary Formula: No Refrigeration Required!
Printing speeds up to 125mm/sec
Long stencil life
Wide process window
Low voiding
Excellent wetting compatibility on most board finishes Dispense grade
Compatible with enclosed print heads
REACH Compliant
Clear residue

Alloy: Sn63/Pb37
Mesh Size: T4
Micron (μm) Range: 20-38
Flux Type: Synthetic No-Clean
Flux Classification: ROL0
Metal Load: 88% Metal by Weight
Melting Point: 183°C (361°F)
Packaging: 5cc/15g Syringe
Shelf Life: Refrigerated >12 months, Unrefrigerated >12 months


Kaal 29.3 g
Mõõtmed 8 × 13 × 3 cm


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