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120 cm x 90 cm, line 2 cm, paper 120 g

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This multi-functional map with a size of 120cm×90cm is specially designed for line-tracking applications. There are black lines with a width of 2cm printed on the 120g Map paper, which is high quality and not easy to damage.
The front side of this map has a figure “8” elliptical pattern that is suitable for basic robot line-tracking learning. On the backside, we designed a complex point-to-point pattern for meeting the requirements of advanced learning.
The map has a calibration area for line-tracking sensors. Users can easily calibrate Maqueen Lite (V4.1 and above) or Maqueen Plus on this map only by one key.

Size: 120cm×90cm(±2cm)
Line track width: 2cm
Paper specifications: 120g Copper plate paper


Kaal 150 g
Mõõtmed 22.5 × 30 × 1 cm


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