USI Nucleo Expansion Board for LoRa


STM32, 860-1020 MHz, 64 KB Flash, 8KB SRAM

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USI® in partnership with STMicroelectronics developed the LoRa® expansion board for STM32 Nucleo (I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1). This board is an integrated solution allowing anyone to learn and develop solutions using LoRa® and/or FSK/OOK technologies.

The I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 features the USI® LoRaWAN™ technology module, addressing low-cost and low-power wide area network (LPWAN), which comes with the embedded AT-command stack pre-loaded.
The I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 can be controlled from an external host such as NUCLEO-L053 boards, running the I-CUBE-LRWAN embedded software. This software provides the means to set up a complete LoRaWAN™ node.
The I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 is LoRaWAN™ class A certified and sustains the class C.
The I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 includes the USI® LoRaWAN™ module, Arduino™ connectors, a SMA connector, a 50 Ω antenna and three ST environmental sensors.

For more details about all the components of the LoRa®-Middleware library, refer to the STM32 LoRa®software expansion for STM32Cube user manual (UM2073).

USI® low-cost, LPWAN module supporting LoRa® technology:
ST ultra-low-power STM32L052T8Y6 MCU, Cortex®-M0+ based with 64 Kbytes of Flash memory, 8 Kbytes of RAM, 2 Kbytes of EEPROM, T-RNG
Semtech SX1272 radio transceiver supporting LoRa®, FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK and OOK modulation
High sensitivity down to -137 dBm
860 MHz to 1020 MHz frequency range
14 dBm to 20 dBm output power
2.0 V to 3.6 V voltage range
-40°C to +85°C temperature range
Embedded 32 kHz and 32 MHz crystals
USART communication interface

ST accelerometer and magnetometer sensor (LSM303AGR)
ST relative humidity and temperature sensor (HTS221)
ST pressure sensor (LPS22HB)
Arduino™ connectors
SMA connector (antenna included in the kit)


Kaal 96.5 g
Mõõtmed 15 × 22 × 3.5 cm


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