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Arduino Student Kit is a programming and electronics kit designed for remote learning that includes step-by-step lessons and complete guidance. This student kit offers lessons that are fun and engaging with real-world topics and improves problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The kit is affordable and is used in learning digital logic and electronics topics like the current, voltage, and logic programming. This kit includes 9 lessons and 2 open-ended projects and offers different solutions to develop projects, inviting innovation, creativity, and problem-solving thinking.

Affordable and inspired by the original Arduino Starter Kit, the Arduino Student Kit provides step-by-step-lessons with information and learning material, such as detailed teacher guidance, vocabulary, exercises, extra optional activities, concepts, history, and interesting facts, for a complete and in-depth class experience for middle school students aged 11+.

You’ll get all the hardware and software you need for one person, making it ideal to use for remote teaching, homeschooling, and self-learning.

Educators can teach their class remotely using the kits, and parents can use the kit as a homeschool tool for their child to learn at their own pace.


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