Discovery kit for LTE Cat M/NBIoT with STM32L4 Series


32 bit, STM32, ARM, Cortex-M4, STM32L462REY6TR

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B-L462E-CELL1 Discovery Kit is a turnkey development platform for cellular IoT devices. The B-L462E-CELL1 Discovery Kit includes a low-power Discovery mainboard powered by an LBAD0ZZ1SE module, a global coverage antenna, and a fan-out board. The LBAD0ZZ1SE module features a STM32L462REY6TR microcontroller, an LBAD0XX1SC-DM ultra-small LTE Cat M/NB modem, and a ST4SIM GSMA-certified embedded SIM. The STM B-L462E-CELL1 Discovery Kit offers STMod+ and extended pins connectivity that delivers unlimited expansion capabilities with a large choice of specialized add-on boards. Furthermore, the fan-out board supports add-on boards using mikroBUS™, ESP‑01, Grove I2C, Grove UART, and breadboard. The B-L462E-CELL1 Discovery kit includes an ST-LINK debugger/programmer, a comprehensive STM32Cube software library, and packaged software examples to connect to cloud servers seamlessly.

LBAD0ZZ1SE module from Murata powered by STM32L462RE with built-in eSIM, LTE Cat M/NBIoT modem
Ultra-low-power STM32L4 Series STM32L462REY6TR microcontroller
64MB of on-board Quad-SPI Flash memory from Micron®
16KB of I2C EEPROM (M24128-DFMN6TP) from STMicroelectronics
0.96inch 128 x 64 OLED screen with SPI interface
Low-power Audio CODEC with PCM bus and I2C interface
Ultra-low-power 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer (LSM303AGR)
Capacitive digital sensor for relative humidity and temperature (HTS221)
260hPa to 1260hPa absolute digital output barometer (LPS22HH)
3 user LEDs, 2 push-buttons (user and reset)


Kaal 215.4 g
Mõõtmed 25 × 21 × 4.5 cm


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