LoRa Transceiver


300 Kbps, 868 MHz, -130 dBm, 1.8-3.6 V, 20 dBm

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The RF-LoRa module is an extremely high performance, cost effective radio module featuring the Semtech SX1272 LoRa™ long range transceiver, providing ultra-long range, spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity within minimal current consumption. This module including crystal, RF Changeover switch, impedance matching network and track layout provide a simple digital interface and direct antenna connection. This enables a plug in RF solution with maximum efficiency. Programming of the module is via SPI interface. Using the RF-LoRa enables a fast and easy to market solution with cost effective licence exempt hardware. The RF-LoRa Module is CE compliant and pending FCC approval. Providing that certain procedures are followed, this module can be used in a final application without further FCC approval, or testing.

Up to 16km range
Integrated LoRa Modem Semtech SX1272
Built in RF switch
High sensitivity: down to -130 dBm
Built-in bit synchronizer for clock recovery
Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator
Small Form Factor: 23mm x 20mm

RF Modulation: FM
Data Rate Max: 300Kbps
Frequency Max: 868MHz
Sensitivity dBm: -130dBm
Supply Voltage Min: 1.8V
Supply Voltage Max: 3.6V
Transmit Power: 20dBm
Module Interface: SPI
Supply Current: 125mA
RF Transceiver Applications: Remote Control Systems, Remote Metering, Telemetry, Wireless Controllers, Modems & Security Systems


Kaal 2.1 g
Mõõtmed 3.5 × 6 × 1 cm


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