Smart birthdays

You can have great and slightly different birthdays and get-togethers at our place. Bring your friends and let's build ready-made smart devices together.
Choose a suitable workshop or let us know what you would like to do smart.

The party lasts 2.5 hours. Half an hour is time to gather and take the first bites. Then we conduct a pre-selected workshop that lasts about 1.5 hours, and then there is still time to impress and eat the cake.
We have tea, coffee and water.

The workshops are suitable for both children and adults, and up to 12 participants can take part in the workshop.

For reservations and additional questions, please contact:
info [at]
+372 525 5834
Metsa 4 Tabasalu Harjumaa

Craftsmanship workshops

In the crafting workshop, we prepare various items using electronic components.
In the workshop it becomes clear what a circuit is and how things work.
The participant can take home the completed item after the workshop.

Crafting workshops are suitable for children from 8 years old.
The price of the workshop is €230.

Card with LED lamp

There are greeting cards with music, but we will make a card with an LED lamp instead. What could be more fun than a map you have drawn of, for example, a reindeer, and when you press the "button" the reindeer's nose, etc., lights up. 

Soldering workshops

In the soldering workshop, it becomes clear what a printed circuit board, components and soldering are, that is, an activity that a true robotics enthusiast practices in abundance. During the construction of the device, various components are soldered to the printed circuit board.
The participant will receive a set of the necessary hardware, and after the workshop, the finished device can be taken home.

Soldering workshops are suitable for children from 12 years old and adults.
The price of the workshop is €260.

In order to conduct the workshop, it is necessary to specify whether there are enough hardware sets available.

Electronic hourglass

What could be better than watching an hourglass with flashing lights. The LED lamps on the electronic hourglass flash as if the sand is gradually falling from top to bottom.

Electronic dice

Playing board games is great, especially when you can use electronic flashing dice. After pressing the button, after about 7 seconds, the red LED lamps will start to flash, imitating the rolling of the dice, and then the result will be displayed.

Line following car

In robotics events, cars that move along a line often compete. The line-following car we built drives itself along the line and does not need to be programmed separately.

Christmas tree

A small electronic Christmas tree can decorate a room and create a nice Christmas mood. Different colored LED lamps are programmed to flash differently.

Automatic watering device

Has it happened that you forgot to water the potted flower or you need to go away for a long time and there is no one to leave the flower? The automatic watering device monitors the soil moisture and pumps water into the flower pot if necessary. Thanks to this device, the flowers will no longer remain dry.

Small metal detector

What could be more fun than playing treasure hunt and looking for small hidden metal objects. A small metal detector allows you to find metal objects on the ground and gives a sound signal.

Arduino workshops

In the Arduino workshop, we build various prototypes. We will talk about circuit, circuit diagram, microcontroller, different sensors and learn how to use them. In the workshop, it becomes clear how electronics, mechanics and automation are connected, i.e. what this robot actually is and how to make it.

Arduino workshops are suitable for children from 10 years old and adults.
The price of the workshop is €200.

If you want to program in C language, you need your own computer, where we load the Arduino IDE program. Programming is not necessary, the devices can also be operated with locally available programs.

A smart thermometer

The thermometer is used both in simpler smart home solutions and in complex industrial automation devices, for example, to automatically turn heating and cooling systems on and off. In the workshop we will do something much cooler and make a lamp that changes its color according to the temperature.

In the workshop we will learn how to connect an RGB LED lamp and a thermometer to an Arduino Uno. We will measure the temperature and use the resulting example to program an RGB LED lamp and familiarize ourselves with the C programming language.

Distance-keeping device

In the workshop, we will build a great practical aid - a distance-keeping device. We will learn how to connect LED lamps, distance sensor and buzzer to Arduino Uno. The smart device signals with lights and sound when someone gets too close. 

We get to know the C programming language and change the "commands" sent to the device to play out different scenarios. 

Animation device

In the workshop, we go back in time to the pre-film world of animation and build a ready-made image drum, or apparatus with moving images, using modern tools.

The zoetrope is one of the many pre-film animation devices that create the illusion of motion. This illusion is created by moving the drawn frames in the image drum. 

In the workshop, everyone can draw pictures based on their invented plot and make them move in the drum. We build the image drum using a motor and an Arduino Uno microcontroller and programming in the C programming language.

CodeBug workshops

In the CodeBug workshop, we will get to know a small programmable and portable device. It is easy to program visually and can be easily connected to various input and output devices.

The device is suitable for use on clothes to display different text on it and to connect glowing LED lamps.

CodeBug workshops are suitable for children from 8 years old and adults.
The price of the workshop is €200.
You need your own computer to participate in the workshop.

Cloth decoration

Since the CodeBug is also designed to decorate clothes, we will learn how to display text and control different colored LED lamps on this device.

In the workshop we use block programming and make the text move in different ways on the device. In addition, we connect LED lamps and turn them on according to the desired colors.

Room guard

In the workshop, we will prepare a room guard. To do this, we are building a device using the CodeBug robot and a speaker, which can be hidden under the carpet and when someone enters the room, it will start to sound an alarm.

A suitable alarm signal can be programmed yourself using block programming.

Scratch workshops

In the Scratch workshop we create various simple games and animations.
Scratch is a visual programming language where you can control and move different characters by programming with blocks.

In the workshop, it becomes clear how to use cycles, conditional statements and variables, i.e. those that are used in programming on a daily basis.

Scratch workshops are suitable for children from 8 years old.
The price of the workshop is €200.

You need your own computer to participate in the workshop.


Have you ever thought that you could make an animation yourself? Now that opportunity exists. Using your imagination, you can create exactly the kind of cartoon you like. 

In the workshop we will learn how to add different characters and make them move. We add thematic backgrounds to the animation and change them according to the development of the cartoon. No animation is missing sound, so we learn how to add voices and look for the right sounds for it.

The length of the finished animation depends only on the imagination and ideas of the creator. 

Things rain from the sky

If otherwise it rains or snows from the sky, in the game you create, you can make any objects fall from the sky: cars, pillows, unicorns, etc.

In the workshop, we will learn how to move characters with the mouse, catch objects falling from the sky, count victory points and count the time of playing the game. 

Passing the maze

Going through the maze is a fun and challenging activity. What could be better than creating your own mazes of varying difficulty and trying to pass them.

In the workshop we will learn how to draw and change backgrounds and add different activities by comparing colors. We count the points by hitting the maze and count the time to play the game. 

Python Workshops

In the Python workshop we learn programming and create different programs and simpler games.

Python is a text-based programming language that is very common and easy to learn to use.
In the workshop, it becomes clear what this programming actually is and how programs are written.

Python workshops are suitable for children from 12 years old and adults.
The price of the workshop is €200.

To participate in the workshop, you need your own computer, on which we will download the Thonny or PyCharm CE program.

Easier games

Who doesn't like to play computer games? Moreover, many games are created in the Python programming language.

In the workshop, we learn about games written in Python and we also make simpler games ourselves.


Kahoot is a common environment where answering questions is extremely fun and engaging.

In the workshop, we come up with cool questions ourselves and write a program about it with calculation of points. Then everyone can answer the others' questionnaire and compare how many points someone got.


Python is a programming language that can also be used to draw pictures. You just have to let your creativity flow and a cool colorful drawing will come true. Moreover, it does not require a lot of previous skills.

3D modeling workshops

In the 3D modeling workshop, you will learn how to create 3D models and how a 3D printer prints them. 3D modeling is widespread and is used in, for example, movies, manufacturing, computer games, etc. 

In the workshop, we learn about 3D modeling, learn to create 3D models using the Tinkercad environment and prepare the models for printing. Thanks to 3D printing, the idea can be made visible and tangible. 

The participant can take the 3D model home. If the 3D models cannot be printed, we can get them from us later. 

3D modeling workshops are suitable for children from 10 years old and adults.
The price of the workshop is €250.

You need your own computer to participate in the workshop.

3D printed key chains

Self-created 3D printed key chains are unique and distinctive. They can be created in different shapes and sizes according to your imagination. At the same time, it is important that they are strong and durable enough to withstand daily use and small and light enough to carry comfortably.

3D printed jewelry

Creating 3D printed jewelry is a fun and creative activity where you can create personalized and beautiful accessories using 3D printing technology.

Jewelry can be earrings, rings, hair ties, badges, tie pins, etc.